2.5 hours, includes a perfecting session 6-8 weeks post-treatment

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Feathering, or microblading, is the latest technique in semi permanent tattoo for brows. Using a hand tool, each hair is etched and coloured into the skin, blending in with existing hair to create fuller, more defined brows. Feathering is particularly good for those with sparse or uneven brows due to hair loss or over-plucking. 


Brow shaping will be done during your initial consultation, or during this process if you’re a returning customer. You may wish to bring screen grabs of your desired brow shape to your initial consultation as inspiration for your look.


A topical anaesthetic cream will be applied to the area before your treatment begins, with Kristal creating the desired shape and thickness designed during your consultation.

During your treatment, you may feel the pressure of the microblading tool, however all care is taken to ensure you remain comfortable throughout and don’t experience any pain. Numbing cream is reapplied as needed throughout your treatment.


Your new brows will appear quite dark for 48 hours immediately following your treatment, then begin to fade away for the days to follow. Kristal will explain the aftercare procedure during your appointment. Do not scrub or wash your brows for 7 days after your Feather Touch treatment.


*A perfecting session is required 6 weeks after the initial treatment. If you fail to come back within 6 weeks of your initial treatment you will be charged $250 for a colour refresh.






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