2.5 hours, includes a perfecting session 6-8 weeks post-treatment


Misting – also known as Mist Tattoo or Ombre Brows – is a modern way to create a shadow in your brow for a more ‘done’ look.  This technique is performed using a machine with a very fine needle to create an airbrushed appearance, eliminating the hassle of having to do your brows each day.

Unlike the old block tattooing you may have seen in the past, misting results are similar to ‘stained skin’ look after a brow sculpt. This technique is fantastic for those wanting to cover old or faded brow tattooing, and is suitable for oily and sensitive skin.

Using a series of fine dots of pigment, Misting allows us to build more intense colour in sparse areas, with a mist of colour towards the centre of the face for a natural, modern ombre look.

This is a cosmetic tattoo procedure, and as such your healing and aftercare needs are the same as a regular brow tattoo, and will be explained thoroughly during your appointment.



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